Subscription: Monthly ($ 12.99)
Status: Ending, NaN-NaN-NaN
Started: 2019-12-14

To setup your npm to communicate with our server; you need to do the following item once:
npm login --registry=https://npm.proplugins.org --scope=@proplugins

Password: (what you used to login here)

In addition access to the development resources are available at: https://git.proplugins.org; you should have gotten an email invite upon the start subscription.

To keep our subscription fees low, this account is a single user account! If your account accesses the NPM server from more than one ip in a short amount of time; your subscription will be terminated with no-refunds. An additional administration fee will apply to your account to reactivate your account. So do not share it with your friends, co-workers, boss, build/CI servers, etc. Only one machine should use this account.